The party president of JEEMA Hon. Counsel. Basalirwa Asuman presided over the swearing ceremony of new party leaders in various portfolios yesterday 26th May 2022 at the party headquarters in Mengo.

Among those that assumed offices were regional Vice Presidents, Cabinet Secretaries (ministers) among other leaders.

  1. Gamba Bukhari – Secretary for mobilization
  2. Nanyanzi Shifah Walakira- Secretary for finance
  3. Nabalamba Asmat – Secretary for women affairs
  4. Khadijah Babirye Kizito – Secretary for foreign affairs
  5. Kasule Apollo – Secretary for general duties
  6. Muhindo Daniel – Secretary for Agriculture and Environment
  7. Tushabe Sarah – Secretary for youth affairs
  8. Namakajo Derrick Freddrick – Secretary for legal affairs
  9. Ndagire Shifah – Deputy spokesperson
  10. Luswata Nasif – Vice President Central region
  11. Asega Habib Joggo – Vice President West Nile region
  12. Omaali Charles Mbaggo – Vice President Eastern region

The function was graced by leaders of sister parties from DP, FDC, NUP, PPP notably, Mr. Sadam Gayila – President PPP, Mr. Harold Kaija –Secretary General FDC, Dr. Gearld Siranda Blacks – Secretary General DP and Dr. Frank Rusa – Executive Director NIMD/IPOD

On the same occasion, the party launched the campaign to diversify the message of Proportional Representation as an alternative electoral system to counter the current First Past the Post system (FPTP) in Uganda. Proportional Representation (PR) simply appreciates multiparty dispensation and empowers political parties in the sense that each party that participates in an election, get representation in relation to the percentage of votes they received.

If Ugandans appreciate proportional representation, we shall see a reduction or complete wipe out of violence in Uganda’s elections that is orchestrated by individual merit or big man syndrome.

A simple flier was designed with a simplified explanation of what PR is all about and shall be used to reach out to the Political elite, masses, and all other stakeholders to embrace PR

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