A Brief Introduction to us

Welcome to Jeema

Justice Forum Political Party (commonly referred to as JEEMA) is one of the main political actors in Uganda’s politics. JEEMA was established as an alternative political organization that would liberate the deprived and marginalized people of Uganda from the tyranny of historically embedded networks, whose major objective was and still is to preserve themselves and to dominate others through unfair political policies. The party was established as a pressure group in 1995 under the one party movement system since multi-party politics in Uganda was then banned. JEEMA has been participating in Uganda’s electoral politics and has since fielded candidates from Presidential, Parliamentary and local council levels since 1996. In 1996 and 2001, Kibirige Muhamad Mayanja the first JEEMA President General contested for the Presidency of Uganda, the highest political office on the land and since then, the party has been represented in the Uganda’s National Assembly (Parliament) up to date and is one of the five parties with representation in the 10th parliament and local governments. JEEMA’s first National Delegates Conference was held on 28th March 2004 at Kolping Hotel in Mityana which saw the coming into force of the first Constitution and the party was formally registered on 23rd March, 2005 after a referendum that re-instated Multiparty dispensation in Uganda.

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JEEMA’s first President General Kibirige

JEEMA’s first President General Kibirige Muhamad Mayanja who led the party from 1995 relinquished power to the new and youthful Lawyer Basalirwa Asuman who was 33 years old in 2010 in the party’s Second Delegates Conference that was held at Tal Cottages in Rubaga. The coming of Basalirwa Asuman to the helm of JEEMA marked the start of a carefully managed transition from the founding members to the new, young and energetic generation that have since occupied almost all senior positions of the party. The Basalirwa administration has since attracted many youthful Ugandans to the party which projects a bright future for both the party and Uganda as a country.
JEEMA was established because of the belief that pluralism gives us the opportunity for full participation in shaping our destiny. But we also realized that the way democracy was applied without justice and equity was shamefully empty. JEEMA was born out of the need to champion the principle of JUSTICE, a value that has been alarmingly undermined in our nation. JEEMA also envisioned the need to uphold human and civil rights and constitutional governance in Uganda, a critical element in rule of law that has not been realized since Uganda attained Independence in 1962.

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Mission and Vision of Justice Forum

Our Vision

To be a leading Justice and Social Welfare party in Africa.

Our Mission

To establish a just, prosperous, well-educated and morally upright nation that thrives in a united Africa.

Our Motto

The party Motto is “JUSTICE FOR ALL”
How our party name came about

Meaning of Jeema

Justice Forum Party commonly known as JEEMA is born out of the five cardinal principal goals namely.
The five principals became the acronym of the party which makes the public easily pronounce and is used as the party slogan. Justice Forum is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, and has the capacity to sue or be sued and its Headquarters/Secretariat located in the Republic of Uganda.


Justice for all
Education for all
Economic Revitalization
Morals and
African Unity