Jeema Membership

Membership is open to all citizens of Uganda who

Accept the goals and objectives of the Justice Forum.
Have attained age sixteen and above
Are not members of any other political party at the time.
Conceive Uganda as one political entity in its ethnic, religious and cultural diversity.
Have paid such membership and subscription fees of the party as shall be determined by NEC from time to time.
Have valid membership cards


Members of Justice Forum have the right to: Vote and be voted to any position in any elective position in the party, provided they are of voting age and have other requirements as may be required.Transact any official business for and on behalf of the party upon permission of the Justice Forum President, the National Executive Committee or any other lawful organ of the party.Inspect books of Accounts, as per the regulations set out in this constitution, to enhance transparency and accountability.Have access to and or use the party’s assets and resources for the lawful execution of the party’s services upon permission from the relevant authorities of the party. Participate and deliberate freely in the meetings of the Justice Forum including the right to petition and initiate censure proceedings against the executive members following appropriate measures and means.Perform any other duties, as the circumstances would from time to time require


A person shall cease to be a member of Justice Forum if .DiesRenounces his/her membership to Justice ForumIs dismissed from the partyPublicly declares that he/she has crossed to another political party.


The National Executive Committee of Justice Forum shall have the powers to grant honorary membership to persons or organisations that have made outstanding contributions to the Justice Forum or Uganda.Honorary members shall enjoy all the rights and be bound to fulfill all the duties of other members of Justice Forum, except the right to vote or be voted into office.