What We Stand For

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What We Stand For


As a party that was built on the foundation of Justice as a core pillar, we believe political justice must be evidently seen and practiced at all times in Uganda. Currently Uganda’s politics is run under the principle of First Past The Post (FPTP) which means that the first person to attain the numerical threshold in any election will be the winner leaving others as losers. Since independence, this has been the norm and has not yielded any political good apart from brewing violence after violence in Uganda. It should also be known that since independence in 1962, Uganda has never had an election that has not been disputed by other actors in the race. FPTP also promotes individualism or individual merit which is a recipe for corruption and other known electoral offences. Therefore JEEMA seeks to bring political sanity where each vote counts and respected. It’s a political alternative that defines multi-party dispensation and brings an overhaul to the current corrupt and deceitful system that has not had any good but a continuation of confusion and conflicts. JEEMA proposes Proportional Representation as an ideal substitute to the current System. We propose a model that will have no winners and losers but winners at all times. We believe that every vote casted should count in respect of the party that has been voted for. We therefore propose a West Minister model where people no longer vote for individuals but rather parties a true definition of multipartism.This will help parties generate alternative programs that will be sold out to the electorate, and will in return decide which party to vote for. Each party will then get seats in the National Assembly (Parliament) that are proportionate to the number of votes received, .i.e if a party after the final tallying gets 30% of votes casted, in return it will get 30% of total seats in the national Assembly. This is called a win-win model as each party will get a share of confidence citizens have had in it. Therefore, JEEMA stands and proposes Proportional Representation as the only means that define and practice Multi Party political dispensation in growing democracies and in a country like Uganda which is rich in cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. See link on Proportional Representation and JEEMA Model for more information


Justice is our means for realizing the Uganda we want. Justice Forum (JF) stands for justice. But one can ask, Justice for whom? JEEMA maintains and says that it is Justice for all. JEEMA believes in Justice in its broadest sense where it encompasses Justice to God affirming that it is only God that creates and takes away, and conferring God the first position in all endeavors, Justice to Mankind, Justice to the Environment and Justice in every part of day today living but most importantly political Justice.
Justice To Man Kind



Justice to mankind means the application of the principles of justice in how man relates to man, that is, Political Justice. Justice defines the rights of human being – Human rights, the rights of women, the rights of children and the rights of people with disabilities and destitute groups IN society. Justice must govern humanity in the spheres of politics, economics, and legal justice. Justice must reign in all internal affairs within the country as well as in the international relations between nations. A close look at all conflicts in society and the world reveals the element of injustice. Relentless pursuit of justice results in peace and harmony and therefore into sustainable development. Injustice is the mother of all evils in society.


Justice to the environment means that the principles of justice must equally be applied in relating to animals, plants and the ecosystem. Although the ecosystems exist to serve mankind, human health is increasingly dependent on the health of ecosystems and the conservation of biodiversity. JF maintains that there is need to balance the exploitation of the ecosystem for society immediate benefits with its survival for the benefits of future humanity. Thus JF believes of sustainable development.


JEEMA stands for a United Africa with no distinction of race, colour, ethnicity, religion, nationality and seeks to promote African togetherness and solidarity. We believe that the artificial boarders drawn by colonialists do erode away the Africanism and creates nationalism among Africans which is a recipe for violence. Much as sovereignty must be respected, we believe Africanism is more important and ideal than anything else. As a party, we believe a united borderless Africa would culminate in solidarity and development. Africans are one people that must unite because of our common distinctiveness and for a common cause of Africanism.