Our Objectives

To ensure freedom of Association and political pluralism in community.

Our Vision

To be a leading Justice and Social Welfare party in Africa.

Our Mission

To establish a just, prosperous, well-educated and morally upright nation that thrives in a united Africa.

Our Motto

The party Motto is “JUSTICE FOR ALL”.
A Brief Introduction to Us

Welcome to a Jeema

Justice Forum Political Party (commonly referred to as JEEMA) is one of the main political actors in Uganda’s politics. JEEMA was established as an alternative political organization that would liberate the deprived and marginalized people of Uganda from the tyranny of historically embedded networks, whose major objective was and still is to preserve themselves and to dominate others through unfair political policies. The party was established as a pressure group in 1995 under the one party movement system since multi-party politics in Uganda was then banned.

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